We are driven to change the way Real Estate Marketing is done online by developing platforms and solutions that focus on lead generation, engagement, and conversion. Our solutions are used by thousands of REALTORS across United States to create success.

We were born and raised in the real estate industry: We know what drives you because it also motivates us. We succeed when you succeed, and since our beginnings we have proudly counted leading North American real estate professionals as enthusiastic Redman clients.

  • We are proud of who we are and what we do, and these principles guide us.
  • We bring passion into everything we do
  • Our primary focus is our customers, not our competitors
  • We believe knowledge is power
  • We celebrate quirkiness, individuality, creativity and fun
  • We learn from the past to build for the future
  • We believe in the power of “we”, of “coming together” and working as a team
  • Work and life go hand in hand: Happiness is derived from a positive balance
  • We seek to constantly raise the bar
  • Our success is defined by the people we hire, retain and promote
  • We will build a company that will endure, in a work and community environment that we love

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