Different Types Of Channel Letters Signs For Your Business

Different Types Of Channel Letters Signs For Your Business

If you are opening up your own business you will need a sign for your business storefront or building. Channel lettering for your business is the way to go. The LED Channel Letters are bold and make a statement. Customers will easily find your business building.

You will want to use high quality lettering for your business. Choose channel letters that can withstand the outdoor elements. You want high quality so you will not have to replace the letters. There are different styles and types of channel letters for your business

Individual Channel Letters

There are different styles and types of channel letters for your business. You may want to invest in the individual letters. You will have to mount each letter individually or hire a professional to do this for you. Individual letters are more costly to hang if you hire someone to do it for you than if you bought what is called a raceway. The reason it is more costly is due to the fact that each letter will have to have wiring and be mounted separately onto the wall and will take longer to complete.

Raceway Channel letters

When using raceway channel letters only a few wires are needed to make the entire sign light up. The raceway is a long rectangular box. The channel letters are then placed into the raceway box. The wiring is inside of the raceway box as well as the transformers and any electrical components.

Reverse Channel Letters

You may want to invest in reverse channel letters as these letters have metal faces. These types of fabricated letters are about an inch away from the wall when mounted. With this type of mounting method, in the evening the reverse channel letters have a halo type of lighting to capture customer’s eyes.

Open Face Channel Letter

You may choose to invest in the open face channel letter signs. The open face channel letters have a clear face and the neon tubing will bring vibrant color to it. You may choose to hang these types of letters individually or in a raceway style.

LED Channel Letters

Perhaps you like the look of LED letters versus neon lit letters. LED channel letters are more Earth friendly than neon letters as they use less power, thus a less expensive monthly electrical bill for you. LED letters do not have any mercury material within them. LED letters are also more resilient to shock and vibration thus making them more durable than neon letters. If you live in a climate that tends to have freezing cold winters, you may want to choose the LED letters over the neon letters. LED letters will hold their light whereas neon will lose some of its vibrant color in the cold temperatures.

As you can see you have many choices on fabricated channel letters for your business. Choose from individual channel letters, racetrack letters/signs, neon versus LED letters.

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